Monday, July 15, 2013

Flower Crowns!!!

So there is a thing on tumblr lately where you put flower crowns on characters from various shows, on yourself, and various movie stars.

I started doing it. :3

What a lovely hat you've got, Smaug!

I think I was a bit mean with this one. 


(There was one of Batman on here, but that was done by a DA artist and I do not know if that would be acceptable to post. :) )


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

27 Things to Do with Cake Mix

Now you get to know what goes through Rine's mind at midnight. 

To see an image in full size, click on it. c: You're welcome.

Friday, July 5, 2013


WOW has it been a while since I've posted...! As you may possibly have noticed, I recently added a page to my blog. It's a compilation of pictures I took of myself (inexplicably known as... "SELFIES.") called the "Gallery of Rine." Please, have a look, I'm quite proud of it. Ironically enough.

Well, anyhow, something most people know about me by now is that I don't like taking pictures for the heck of it.

...Okay, so I do, just not the "OKAY GO STAND IN FRONT OF THAT ROCK BECAUSE WE'RE A FAMILY IN TENNESSEE!!" Instead, I'm the person who's like, "Okay, everyone start pretending to fight over the rock! Yes, Daniel, get on top of it... Drew! Pretend you're pulling him off! Mom, Dad, uh, you just... y'know, do whatever."

The PERFECT example of this would be when my family went shopping at the outlet mall in Pigeon Forge. All I needed to find was a belt for my cosplay, so I found one (for $1.50?! Thanks, Rue 21! xD) and got bored almost instantly, because I am FAR, FAR too old for the Children's Place.

No offense to Children's Place, that is. I wore my fair share of CP clothing, though not all of it was likely made for my gender...

Anyhow, here is what happened BEFORE my brother came out of the store because HE was bored... make it through this, and the funny stuff starts, I promise.




 That was before my brother came out. Now, after the child exits the store, coming over to converse with me, of course he notices the little overpriced kiddy rides. I do the only logical thing that I can think of that will entertain us both: Make him pose on it.
He does do a lovely side saddle, doesn't he. Or whatever it's called. Well, there wasn't just the "trail baum," as the ride introduced itself before ordering you to feed it coins.
...And it came in the night, chanting, in it's high-pitched, chidish voice... "PLEASE INSERT MORE COIN..."
There was this monstrosity. Now, I'm not saying that it scared me or anything... but this thing was traumatizing.

Well, as if that didn't creep me out enough, then the rest of my family comes out (or at least my other brother, I don't remember which.

 Now do you see why I hate the kiddie rides, aside from the overpricing? Yeah. The blown-out headlight really is a nice finishing touch, I think...

We didn't stop at the Children's Place. My mom and sister went into another store, the last one of the night (because the outlet mall closes at seven, don't you know) to get things for my mother.

There was this pavilion...

What... am I even doing... 

But on this pavilion was this little kiddy carousel. I don't even know why I got on it. But I did-- WITH DIGNITY-- and so did the boys. To a lesser extent.
 They got involved in the middle of a romance involving... the pole in the middle of the carousel. See, Daniel fell in love with it, right, but it had been cheating on him with Drew... oh, the drama.

It's... sniff... over, pole! We are NEVER, EVER, EVER... sniff sniff... getting back together!

But there's also a car... again, overpriced and in less than decent condition. So this happens, as well as a video involving the pop machine next to it.

Kudos to my brothers, though. That was actually pretty impressive, for them. XD

After that, we decided to have dinner at Salsarita's (good food... meh service.) before going to...

Now, for those of you who don't know what Ripley's is, it's kind of like the tourist traps... on steroids, and turned into a franchise.  That said, it's actually one of the more decent ones, as in, there's actually stuff to see, and their aquarium was actually okay, even though I'm not real fond of fish behind glass. It did impress me how the actual golfing areas were actually maintained pretty well, which isn't something you see a lot of the time.

Mini-Golf is never something I've been able to understand. The point of it. It's like golf, but you're not supposed to hit the ball hard...? I don't even know. I just go to entertain the rest of my family with how bad I am at it. Well, that and take strange pictures....
You haven't seen the worst of the pigs yet.

The... ewes have... makeup. Literally.



I don't even want to talk about what sound was coming out...


Plants versus zombie turkeys, anyone? 

I'd say that's all of the trauma that I experienced that night,but... it wasn't over... Little did I know that outside the golf area waited a horror greater than anything I had ever seen before...

And the lighting... *shudder*

Well, I think that for the sake of my own sanity I'll move on to our cabin. Our cabin was a bit overkill for our family of six, because this thing was meant to sleep fourteen people. It was HUGE. 
This is JUST the front half of it. There's another part of it to the right, and a wraparound deck. Yeah. HUGE. 
It's pretty, and it had a pair of creeks out back. :) It made me very happy. But anyways, the decoration was sweet, too... there was a little thing of moss. 

Sighhh, Mason the Moss. We were the best of friends that week. 

And to wrap up this post, here is something my sister let me color... 

And you wonder why my parents think I'm so weird? 

~~~THE END~~~